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Children (4-11)
Infants (<4)

Romantic Beach Package

Thai Wedding Ceremony 

The day before wedding day (Not inclusive)

Should be arrange manicure and pedicure and test wedding dress decorate with make-up and hair dress.

On the wedding day

Get up early! Adorn your dress, makeup and hair dress and should have small break fast.

Transfer from hotel to the wedding's beach by beautiful decorate car ( choice of Long Drum procession to the venue ) The Bride & Groom get photo and with family after arrival.

Start to ‘ Rod Nam Sang' ceremony 
( Bride & Groom get the fresh floral wedding necklace and place “ Sai Mongkol” ( a garlands white string held by Buddhist priests while chanting )
Rod Nam Sang” (Holy water pouring and bonding ceremony): The bride & groom sit close together. The garlands are placed around their necks and two holy circles of connected twin are placed on their heads. Starting with the senior members of the family – each person in turn approaches the bride and groom and gives blessings for lifelong happiness as he/she pours water on the couple's hands from a conch shell called “ Sang”. Small ornamented silver bowls, called “Khan” are placed on small pedestals to collect the water poured over the hands of the newlyweds. These bowls are filled with the petals of the lotus (the blossom of fertility) and other flowers in elaborate patterns to symbolize the happy union. Then bride& groom serve sweetmeats together. After all the guests have blessed the couple, the water from the bowls will be poured into the ground)

Wedding ring exchange

To eat Thai sweetmeats and breakfast together with guest then transfer to back to resort.


Included in the package :

•  Fresh floral decoration and preparation of flower arch for all ceremonies

•  A couple fresh floral wedding necklace

•  Floral decoration in room on the wedding date

•  Fresh floral bouquet for bride

•  Fresh floral corsages for Groom and 8 people special guest

•  A bottle of Sparkling Wine

•  Thai sweetmeats

•  Fresh floral decorate shuttle car to the beach

•  Preparation and contents of all above ceremonies

This is normally all included in the base price of 59,500 Baht.

Period price: Now - 31 Oct 16


To exception from

  • Room accommodation
  • Costume, make up and hair dress
  • Wedding ring, Photo and Video shooting
  • Dinner food and other dink
  • Paperwork with wedding legal

    Optional Privileges
Hair and make-up for bride
Baht 3,000 Nett per couple
Manicure & Pedicure
Baht 1,000 Nett per person
Photo shooting a haft day
Baht 15,000 / photographer
Long Drum procession to the venue
Baht 10,000 Nett per person
Extra charge for guest over 8 people
Baht 1,500 Nett per person

Reservation Deposit:-

50% deposit and the balance we will automatic charge at same credit crad by 30 days before events

Cancellation Policy:-

Cancelled the days prior to wedding.
Fee of entire wedding costs will be charged
61-90 days
31-60 days
30 day and no show


For more information, please contract our wedding planner at or